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Chocolate Fruits & Nuts

Tequila Lime & Hibiscus Pâtes de Fruits

3 Reviews
  • 8 pieces; 4 of each flavor

    We’ve partnered with friends 1, 2, 3 Tequila and Steve Smith Teamaker to create our new limited-edition Pates de Fruits. The Tequila Lime piece is made with 1, 2, 3 Tequila’s Blanco, an organic tequila marked with earthy citrus and herbal characteristics. The tequila flavors are perfectly balanced with Hibiscus, made with an exceptionally bright, fruity, tasty Hibiscus Flower tea from Steve Smith Teamaker. Only available in small batches for a limited time.

    While most alcohol is cooked off during the making process, this product does contain trace amounts of alcohol.

  • Not Available.
  • Sugar, lime juice, glucose syrup, pectin, tequila, tartaric acid, hibiscus blossoms.
  • 2 weeks. Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservatives, artificial flavors or compounds. For best results, store confections at or just below room temperature in an odor-free environment. Refrigeration is not recommended.

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