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Handmade Fall Flavors



Fall is the perfect time to explore new flavors or indulge in your favorite confections like seasonal Key Lime Pears, creamy Hazelnut Bar, and new Baking Chocolates.

Our Fall Flavor Picks

Black Box


Now is the time to say thank you to your summer host with 16 of our most popular confections like Burnt Caramel, Piedmont Hazelnut, and Force Noir.

64% Semisweet Baking Chocolate


Can you believe baking season is upon us? The best desserts begin with the best ingredients. That's why we've released two of our custom chocolate blends for you to use in your kitchen.

Fruit Faves Trio


All our house-made chocolate-covered fruits including seasonal Key Lime Pears, Key Lime Apples, and Candied Orange Peel tied with an elegant satin ribbon.

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