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Chocolate Business Gifting

Can you believe it's time to start planning your Holiday gifting? Call us at (800) 500-3396 or e-mail concierge@recchiuti.com to learn how you can tell your company's story through handmade confections.

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Make It Personal

Create custom chocolate that reflects your brand and mission. Place your company's logo or message atop our truffles, brand your ribbon, and personalize your gift notes.

Make It Affordable

Stock satin ribbon, in-house designs, and gift notes are gratis. Learn how you can save up to 20% on your Holiday Business Gifts for your most valued clients and relationships.

Make It Easy

Our multiple recipient Drop Ship service will make sending your gifts to clients and colleagues easy. Fill out our Drop Ship form, and we'll take care of the rest. Use our shipping account, or use your own!

Creating Custom Chocolate

Create a chocolate gift that reflects your brand with a custom logo, image or message. We'll help you choose the perfect truffle assortment, box size, imagery, and embellishments.

Choose a box size & color

  • 2 piece box available in clear top or solid ebony top
  • 4 piece box available in clear top/ebony bottom, ebony top and bottom, or platinum top and bottom
  • 9 piece box available in clear top or solid ebony top

Choose a satin ribbon color

  • Recchiuti ribbon is available in red, black, or white

Choose your truffle assortment

Additional Customization Options

  • Customize a ribbon with your brand
  • Include a unique gift note to each recipient
Customizable Truffle Flavors

Below are the truffle flavors that can be topped with customized artwork like your business logo or a greeting.
You can also select an image of message for free from our In-house Design Gallery.

Burnt Caramel
Michael Recchiuti’s signature piece. Dark, smoky caramel blended with 70% dark chocolate ganache. Enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.

Force Noir
Silky 70% dark chocolate ganache infused with whole vanilla bean. Enrobed in our semisweet chocolate

Lemon Verbena
California-grown lemon verbena steeped in whole cream, blended into decadent chocolate ganache and enrobed in our semisweet chocolate. 

Spring Jasmine Tea
Delicate jasmine blossoms and green tea leaves infused in pure dark chocolate ganache. Enrobed in our milk chocolate and marbleized with semisweet chocolate. 

Venezuela Varietal
Lake breezes in the Sur de Lago region of Venezuela provide a unique growing climate for cacao and result in a distinctive flavor. This varietal exhibits delicate caramel and nut notes. 

Colombia Varietal
Single origin cacao from the San Vincente de Chucurí region of Colombia. Balanced wine and spice notes with a long, slow finish. 

Ecuador Varietal
The straightforward intensity of this chocolate made using single origin cacao from Ecuador, exhibits remarkable persistence of flavor. Smoky tobacco notes with a hint of earthiness and rich coffee.

Madagascar Varietal
Single origin Criollo cacao from the island of Madagascar. Criollo is known for its complex flavors and aroma as exhibited by the notes of tart cherry and fruit in this chocolate.

Business Gifting Inspiration

Birthdays & Anniversaries | Happy employees = happy YOY results.
Team Incentives | A little chocolate bribery never hurt anyone.
Quarterly Meetings | Sweeten up those long P&L reviews.
Referral Gifts | Return the favor with decadent flavor.
Holidays, of course! | Celebrate the close of a successful year!

Gifting To Multiple Recipients

Our multiple recipient Drop Ship service will make sending your gifts to clients and colleagues across the nation easy. Fill out one Drop Ship form with all your recipient information and return to the Recchiuti team.

In the Drop Ship form for you can:

  • Choose a unique gift for each recipient.
  • Include a unique gift note for each recipient.
  • Specify your preferred shipping method and date.
  • Choose to use our FedEx account or use your own FedEx or UPS account.
Spotlight On | OKTA

“Celebrated my one year @okta-versary this week. It was pretty sweet. #lifeatokta” - @lindsayklife

Okta, a cloud security management solution company, adds their logo and one of our free in-house designs to a 9 piece chocolate box as an anniversary gift to employees. Birthdays, retreats, and holiday parties are a few other popular ways HR teams are using custom chocolates to reward staff.