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Celebrate National S'mores Day

Celebrate Delicious S'mores

Marshmallows, bittersweet chocolate, and graham crackers - the perfect August treat for S'mores lovers. Try the familiar and classic taste of the s'mores you love, handmade with our Recchiuti twist!

S'mores Kit


Made up of the Recchiuti trifecta: Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, homemade Grahams, and one Bittersweet Chocolate Bar. Our top choice as a gift or kit for S'mores lovers!

S'mores Bites


Fresh Recchiuti vanilla bean marshmallows and handmade graham crackers blanketed in pure bittersweet chocolate - the perfect S'mores snack.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow


Handmade marshmallows with fresh Madagascar Vanilla Beans and a dusting confectioner's sugar - our Marshmallows are addicting, sweet, and perfectly made.

Try our internationally-recognized

Black Box

Our Black Box has been recognized by the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Forbes, iHeart Radio, USA Today, and more! Taste the original flavors that started Recchiuti Confections here in San Francisco.

Pâte de Fruits


Our gorgeously simple Pâte de Fruits burst with flavors of fresh fruit and are finished with crystallized sugar. Our box includes pieces of Morello Cherry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry, and Pear-Lime, making it the perfect pick to round out any dessert spread.

Caramels to the Third Power


Caramel lovers: try our Fleur de Sel + Butterscotch + Dark Chocolate - 24 pieces of Recchiuti's signature caramels, each enrobed in a luxurious coating of chocolate to enhance the chewy caramel tasting experience.

Candied Orange Peels


Each organic orange slice is carefully hand-cut, candied, and enrobed in our special artisan blend of semi-sweet chocolate.

Sharing Box


Find out why the New York Times' Wirecutter has named our Sharing Box one of 15 Best Gift Baskets of 2022!

Whiskey Pairing Collection


Three of each of our complementary flavor profiles for Whiskey lovers! This collection includes Kona Coffee, Honeycomb, and Fleur de Sel Caramels.

The Platinum Collection


Try our new Triple Sesame Praline flavor! Luxurious, classic, irresistible. At 88 pieces, this collection is comprised of the finest chocolates Recchiuti has to offer, all in one box.