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Our Team

The Family That

Makes Recchiuti

The family at Recchiuti is a tight-knit team that works together with one goal in mind; to deliver an unparalleled experience in chocolate and service.

Meet Our Team


Michael Recchiuti

Michael, a self-trained chocolatier, founded Recchiuti Confections with the idea that meticulously sourcing ingredients, hand-crafting confections in small batches and using traditional European techniques would make Recchiuti Confections a necessary indulgence and create an obsession for artisan chocolate nationwide.


Jacky Recchiuti

Directed by Jacky, influences in design, architecture, music and fine art mark packaging and product style details in collaboration with the graphic design and photography team. The experience of opening a beautiful box of chocolates is just as much part of the Recchiuti experience as the chocolate within.

Sales & Service Lead

Alexandra Bitker

Warehouse Manager

Andrew Gapen

Finance Manager

Mannah Garibay

Business Analyst

Anh Han

e-Commerce & Marketing Manager

Cara Loffredo

Production Manager

Lisa Lu

Operations Manager

Cindy McIntosh

Fulfillment Manager

Sandra Mendez

Sales & Service

Sebastian von Nagel

Sales & Service

Dustin Rance

Sales & Service

Shaun Scott

Marketing Intern

Susannah Alfred