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San Francisco Favorites

Taste something new

Experience the life story and personal touch that Michael and Jacky Recchiuti add to our culture, adventurous, traditional, and esoteric Recchiuti flavors.

Perfectly balanced, and always handmade in our San Francisco kitchen.

Dark Milk Bar


We've developed our dream dark chocolate bar with Valrhona, using a milky blend of South American cacao and 99% unsweetened chocolate to give this bar a more rounded flavor and smooth, milky finish. 

Fleur de Sel Caramels


The perfect balance of salty and sweet has led our Fleur de Sel Caramels to be named one of the best handmade chocolate-covered salted caramels by The New York Times

Contemporary Sampler


Our signature Burnt Caramel Truffle, Sesame Nougat, Lemon Verbena, and Butterscotch Caramel for a surprising and satisfying tasting experience. 

Almond Bar


We coat our California almonds in burnt caramel before toasting, adding them to the chocolate, and finishing it all with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Pâte de Fruits


Our gorgeously simple Pâte de Fruits burst with flavors of fresh fruit and are finished with crystallized sugar. 

Black Box


Recchiuti Confection's original 16 chocolate confections, and New York Times' Wirecutter Best Chocolate Box selection of 2022 and years' past.

Cherries Two Ways


Our Cherries Two Ways include a combination of dried Sour Morello cherries from Michigan and candied wild Amareno cherries from Italy. Drenched in dark chocolate and coated with a light dusting of cocoa powder, these make for our favorite sweet and sour profile.

Dragée Sampler


With Burnt Caramel Almonds and Hazelnuts, Peanut Butter Pearls, and Cherries Two Ways, you get the best of our most addictive dragées all in one box. 

Noir Truffle Box


Composed exclusively of our darkest confection, the Noir Truffle Box is made for any chocolate lover looking to experience complex, bold, and smooth chocolate flavors.

Dark Hot Chocolate


Made with a blend of cacao from South America, our pistoles melt into rich, smooth chocolate. 

Burnt Caramel Almonds


Made with toasted California almonds, thinly coated with our signature dark chocolate with a hint of burnt caramel, and finished with a light dusting of cocoa powder, we've created a perfectly snackable confection. 

Whiskey Pairing Collection


In honor of Michael Recchiuti's spirit of choice, we've developed the Whiskey Pairing Collection to lead you through an unparalleled home tasting experience with our handmade chocolates. 

Make Every Moment

A Sweet Experience

Gift playful weddings favors, celebrate your business' success, mark an anniversary; these are just a few popular ways people are using Recchiuti custom chocolate.