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Seasonal Confections

Explore our handmade favorites

Seasonal Confections

Made with world-renowned Michael Recchiuti's European methods and modern flavor profiles, our handmade confections are the start of a new chocolate obsession.

Key Lime Pears


Thinly sliced, soaked in key lime juice, and dried + dipped in custom-blend semisweet chocolate. A seasonal favorite.

Fleur de Sel Caramels


The perfect balance of salty and sweet -- and listed by New York Times as one of the "Best Handmade Chocolate-covered Salted Caramels."

Candied Orange Peels


Taste the chocolate and citrus flavors of our handcrafted Candied Orange Peels.

Taste our original and best-selling

Black Box

See why our Black Box has been recognized as the New York Times' Wirecutter Best Chocolate Box selection of 2022 and years past. Our best-selling Black Box holds 16 of our original flavor profiles and most popular confections all handmade in our San Francisco kitchen.

Creativity Explored: San Francisco Icons


The iconic San Francisco sites - all atop our signature burnt caramel truffle pieces. Support our local neurologically diverse artists at Creativity Explored with every purchase!

Burgundy Box


Our best-selling Burgundy Box holds three layers of our most popular confections. 

Sharing Box


Find out why the New York Times' Wirecutter has named our Sharing Box one of "15 Best Gift Baskets of 2022"! 

Cacao Nib + Fleur de Sel Mendiants


Our custom semisweet chocolate blend is topped with caramelized cacao nibs and finished with a touch of fleur de sel, all add up to a delightful contemporary twist on this French classic!

Peanut Butter Pucks


Organic Valencia peanut butter folded into a smooth blend of dark milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of salt.

Noir Truffle Box


Composed exclusively of our darkest confection, the Noir Truffle Box is made for any chocolate lover looking to experience complex, bold, and smooth chocolate flavors.