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Recchiuti Wholesale

Specialty shops, resorts, and chefs around the nation are choosing Recchiuti's handmade confections to stock their shelves, create guests, and inspire new culinary offerings. E-mail us at to learn more about wholesale partnership and get familiar with our products!

What's New in Wholesale

Rock Your Shelves

Humphry Slocombe rocks their shelves with an assortment of Recchiuti Dragees that make perfect ice cream toppings.

Add an Ingredient

Fresh gelato made with Recchiuti Burnt Caramel syrup sounds pretty good right about now. That's one way our wholesale partner Gelateria Naia uses Recchiuti to make their product mouthwatering!

Greet Your Guests

Your hotel guests have traveled a long way. Greet them with a Dark Milk Chocolate Bar like Commune Hotels in Miami.