Chocolate Chai Latte

This latte recipe from our friends at Steven Smith Teamaker is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly day. It's a winter favorite in their Portland, OR tasting room and is made with Masala Chai tea, which combines second flush Assam teas with pungent ginger root, cassia, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom to create a rich and spicy brew. The addition of our Extra-Bitter Chocolate Sauce then adds a smoky decadence to your mug. Enjoy!.

Yields: 1 8oz serving    Time: About .75hrs



          1. Steep both sachets of Masala Chai for 5 minutes in freshly boiled water; cover to keep hot.

          2. Remove sachets and add Recchiuti Chocolate Sauce to tea.

          3. Add sugar and stir until chocolate sauce and sugar are dissolved.

          4. Steam or warm milk.

          5. Top beverage with the steamed or warmed milk and enjoy!