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Fresh herbs such as lavender and lemon verbena are sourced from local California farmers' markets to create our signature infusions. We combine single-origin chocolates to produce the exclusive Recchiuti blend. And, of course, Recchiuti wouldn't be complete without Michael's signature smoky, whiskey-inspired burnt caramel.

Loose Truffles

Interested in buying loose truffles by the piece?

For more info or to place an order, email customerservice@recchiuti.com or call (888) 961-4587.
Minimum order: 50 pieces (10 pieces per flavor). Lead time: 2 weeks (excluding transit).


Tarrogon Grapefruit

Subtle licoricey flavor of the locally farmed organic tarragon herb combined with the tangy citrus of house-made candied grapefruit— an unexpected pairing of flavors.


Lemon Verbena

Buttery cream steeped with organic lemon verbena, blended into a rich chocolate— herbaceous notes balanced with silky smooth ganache.


Kona Coffee

Luscious & fruity with hints of spice, this 100% Kona coffee bean infusion is blended with milk and dark chocolate— perfect cup-of-joe in a bite full. 


Currant Cognac

Zante currants marinated in cognac, blended into a dark chocolate ganache giving way to a delicious drunkenness before a coating of dark chocolate. 



A ganache blend of buttery white chocolate & molasses, topped with crunchy house-made honeycomb (burnt sugar sponge candy), finished with a light coating of milk chocolate.


Triple Sesame Praline

A French-style praline of golden, white & black sesame seeds from Japan, roasted to a crunchy nuttiness, folded into a chocolate hazelnut praline then finished with our proprietary semisweet chocolate. 


Bergamot Tea

Notes of malt, citrus & honey from this earl grey tea infusion complement the intense, rounded flavor of dark chocolate, finished with a thin coating of milk chocolate– the perfect cuppa.


Coconut Marzipan

Tropical, a little nutty and slightly sweet flavor of coconut made into marizpan flecked with zest of lime; a favorite combination thinly coated with Recchiuti proprietary 45% milk chocolate.


Rosemary Olive

The lemony-pine-like flavor of fresh rosemary with a hint of peppery sage finish is thinly layered with Italian olives under a dark chocolate coating— a Mediterranean Salut to this ganache.


Pear-Lime Pâte de Fruits

Fruit gelée, a mildly tangy flavor of French Pears & citrusy puree, dusted with super fine sugar.


Spring Jasmine Tea

Delicate jasmine blossoms and green tea leaves infused in pure dark chocolate ganache. Enrobed in milk chocolate and marbleized with semisweet chocolate.


Fleur de Sel Caramel

Sweet-smoke of burnt sugar makes up this chewy caramel dappled with French sea salt crystals, coated in dark chocolate.


Rose Caramel

Buttery white chocolate encasing this liquid caramel scented with rose geranium oil— evoking the essence of a summer garden— any time of the year.


Force Noir

Luxuriant creamy tone of Madagascar vanilla beans infused into a 70% dark chocolate ganache— a velvety truffle with an elegant nuance of floral vanilla. 



A citrus blend of kalamansi delicately balanced, combining sweet & tart, harmoniously evoking its delicate freshness in a blended chocolate ganache.


Cassis Strata

Cassis (black currant) fruit gelée layered over a blend of dark chocolate ganache, complementing the balance of fruit and cacao, creating a perfect marriage of equals.


Cardamom Nougat

Cardamom infused ganache with flavors evocative of warmth, herbs, citrus, spice— with a slight minty-ness is finished with a coating of 65% semisweet chocolate & topping of caramelized cacao nibs for a bit of crunch.


Peanut Butter Puck

Sweet, nutty & earthiness of peanut butter praline blended with a creamy balance of milk chocolate, imbued with a sprinkling of fleur de sel (French sea salt)— what could be better than salted peanuts! 


Star Anise & Pink Peppercorn

Similar to licorice, fennel seed & clove; whole star anise seeds are steeped in cream, along with pink peppercorn to add a fruity finish to this infusion, coated with the mild flavor of milk chocolate. 


Lavender Vanilla

Organic peppery lavender buds & fragrant vanilla are the key notes in this infusion, blended into a deep dark chocolate ganache— evocative scents of the south of France.


Passion Fruit Pàtes de fruits

French fruit gelée pleasantly tart, with a hint of sweetness of tropically grown Passion Fruit purée thinly coated with super fine sugar.


Maple Pecan Praline

The sweet caramel-like maple syrup blended into a French-style praline of pecan nuts topped with a toasted pecan adds a flavorful nutty burnt note to this ganache.


Blueberry Pâtes de fruits

A delicate French fruit gelée made with fresh blueberry puree, finished with a dusting of sugar.


Dark Milk Mini Mendiant

Four pieces of miniaturized Mendiants made with our customized blend of Dark Milk Chocolate— robustness of dark chocolate smooth as silk with a tad of milkiness.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint & organic Spring Greens teas from Steven Smith Teamaker are house-blended lending a cool minty brightness to the earthy undertones of green tea— our YinYang of tea flavors.


Piedmont Hazelnut

House-made gianduja; a combination of hazelnut paste and milk chocolate, surrounding a whole roasted hazelnut from Piemonte, Italy— a Mediterranean delight! 


Framboise Strata

Bright fruitiness of raspberry gelée atop a creamy dark chocolate ganache— giving je ne sais quoi to this framboise.


Ginger Heart

Infused with peppery-sweet ginger root oil, with a pungent, spicy aroma, incorporated into a semisweet ganache encased with smoothed, mildly floral white chocolate.


Candied Orange Peel

Filleted whole oranges are steeped thrice to remove bitter oils, then simmered in sugar until gelée-like before sliced into stripes, then enrobed in semisweet chocolate.


Sesame Nougat

White sesame seeds are roasted, cooked in cane sugar to caramelization then rolled into a crisp disk, layered with ganache blend of 70% dark & milk chocolate to create a creamy chocolate caramel.



San Francisco coffee roaster Linea's unique "Little Wing" blend infused into cream, butter and 45% dark milk chocolate creates a cappuccino-like richness to this mocha truffle. 


Butterscotch Caramel

Cream, butter & vanilla folded into brown sugar makes this chewy caramel reminiscent of childhood treats; we take it a step further with a sprinkling of fleur de sel.


Banana Caramel

The tropical flavor of pureed bananas, folded into deep rich caramel with a touch of French sea salt then finished in milk chocolate— a sophisticated blend of familiar flavors.


Morello Cherry Pâtes de Fruits

This fruit gelée— Morello Cherry, also known as griotte (its French name); its natural sour-tartness is brightened by the dusting of super fine sugar. 


Burnt Caramel

Burnt sugar folded into cream, butter & dark chocolate—creating a deep rich caramel ganache of our signature flavor profile; silken chocolate with a hint of piquant.


Dark Chocolate Caramel

Burnt sugar and cream blended with the deep flavors of 70% dark chocolate creating a chewy caramel with a hint of sweetness.

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