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Our Culture

We believe when you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolate and ingredients, they will be won over instantly. That's the Recchiuti philosophy that started in 1997 and one we still live by today.

Local Flavor

Meets Innovation

Recchiuti Confections still sources local California farmers’ markets for bundles of fresh herbs like lavender + lemon verbena to create our signature infusions. Single-origin chocolates are blended together to create complex + unique tasting experiences. Candied Orange Peel are hand sliced into thin strips and candied in-house for over 2 days. And of course, we wouldn’t be Recchiuti without Michael’s signature Burnt Caramel. This smoky, whiskey-like flavor is woven into the fabric of our confectionary line, from Burnt Caramel Truffle to Burnt Caramel Almond.

Did you know Valrhona created our custom-blend chocolates based on Michael Recchiuti's own palate? The custom-blend chocolate we use to craft our confections is exclusive to Recchiuti. You won't find our unique flavor profiles anywhere else.

What does couverture mean? It means we only use the highest quality chocolate with a minimum of 32% cocoa butter to create the smooth, creamy (and never “waxy”) confections you love.


e-Gift Cards

Not sure what treats your friends and family enjoy most? A customizable gift card to our online shop is the perfect gift. It will be delivered right to their inbox on the date of your choosing.

Note, discounts cannot be applied towards the purchase of gift cards.

Recchiuti is proud to support a variety of local nonprofits in the San Francisco area including Creativity Explored, Slow Food SF and Meals on Wheels. Since 2008, Recchiuti has been teaming up with Creativity Explored, a San Francisco nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Creativity Explored box directly supports Creativity Explored programs. Don't miss this year's collections, San Francisco Icons!