Our Handmade Chocolate Culture

We believe when you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolate and ingredients, they will be won over instantly. That's the Recchiuti philosophy that started in 1997 and one we still live by today.


Recchiuti exclusively offers our custom-blend chocolates, meticulously crafted by Valrhona to match Michael Recchiuti's discerning palate. Our distinct flavor profiles are unmatched— you won't find them elsewhere.

We use only the finest chocolate with a minimum of 32% cocoa butter, resulting in irresistibly smooth and creamy confections— never "waxy."


We are inspired by a joy for detail, technique and rigor. Behind the scenes, we are driven by a culture of excellence honed through decades in hospitality and decades mastering the craft of confectionery.


Commitment to Community Support

Recchiuti proudly supports local nonprofits in San Francisco, including Creativity Explored— a nonprofit visual arts center empowering artists with developmental disabilities to create, exhibit, and sell art. With each Creativity Explored box sold, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to support their programs.