Life Handed Us 20 Boxes of Chocolates—We Found the Best Ones for Gifting (or Keeping for Yourself)

I never liked the old adage, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” You see, I believe that we humans have free will (this is, like, the one thing that stuck with me after slogging through my college philosophy class). Sure, some things can’t be explained or controlled, but I do think you have agency; you CAN choose a good box of chocolates! And in the case of this article, I mean that quite literally. 

We set out to find a truly great box of chocolates (remember, free will!) by ordering 20 from various online purveyors. After eating ourselves sick with chocolate (and interviewing a professional chocolatier—what a cool job!), we came up with this list of truly fantastic bonbons and delights for you and yours on whatever occasion you see fit.